Distinctive Services

A fee-only advisory firm, Montis Financial, LLC does not sell any products, nor does it accept commissions or referral fees. This structure assures complete objectivity in investment consulting and financial planning. Wealth management is paramount, and the fee-only structure partners clients' goals with the team's goals.
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The Montis Financial Investment Team utilizes over 60 years of collective experience to build client portfolios using the firm's internal proprietary investment research. This ensures that clients have no barriers between them and the management of their assets. The team develops a strategy that is designed to create long-term financial security with careful consideration given to the management of portfolio risk. Clients' personal goals and goal achievement is closely monitored and reported.

Comprehensive services include providing clients with ongoing reports detailing the entire portfolio, its holdings, overall performance, quantitative analytics, and tax data. Performance is calculated net of all fees, inclusive of cash holdings and is compared to various market indexes in order to provide the most objective snapshot of the portfolio movement.

The Montis Financial LLC team remains available to meet at least twice per calendar year with each client in order to review their portfolio, holdings and to update or modify their financial plan based on the newest information and factors affecting their lives. Members of the Montis Financial LLC team are also available throughout the year to clients regarding new information, life changes, portfolio recommendations and counsel.