Investment Plan Tailored to Each Client

The goal of the tailored investment plan is to maximize the potential to reach each client's goals. Montis Financial, LLC adheres to a highly disciplined approach to the planning and execution of a balanced and secure portfolio and factors in the following variables:

  • periodic and well-timed portfolio rebalancing
  • a long term investment horizon
  • diversification of funds among different asset classes and investment styles
  • rigorous fund manager selection
  • calculation of performance on total portfolio inclusive of cash and bonds if applicable
  • close monitoring of each fund and manager
  • management of tax gains or losses

The Montis Financial investment process engages multiple asset classes in order to reach an optimum balance between reward and risk. The goal is to create a customized asset allocation integrating the objectives of each client while providing a competitive return.

Designing a solid, diversified portfolio with components that react to market conditions in different ways at different times is the cornerstone of the company's investment philosophy.

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